Allow the option of publish dates for enrollment checklists

When I add a checklist, it shows up immediately. With over 1500 checklists to add, that is problematic. Everyone doesn't receive it at the same time. I don't have the ability to go in and double check my work before a parent or student sees it. I prefer to get them set up, and then have them appear at the same time when I am ready. I can do this anywhere else in Blackbaud. Why not here? PLEASE add the option of publish dates for each checklist, but don't require them (for those who would not want them).

  • Candi Roberts
  • May 13 2022
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  • Chrystalle Kiefer commented
    1 May, 2023 04:18pm

    Agreed, this is very important for the student checklists

  • Candi Roberts commented
    16 May, 2022 01:15pm

    Actually, I am talking about the Enrollment checklists, not the candidate
    ones. But yes, activating them is a good way to do it and what I will do in
    the future. Thanks for that! However, I would still prefer a publish date.

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  • Sarah Bienvenue commented
    16 May, 2022 01:10pm

    Hi Candi, (assuming that you're talking about candidate checklists) for most schools checklists are assigned at different times as candidates come in and are locked once a candidate has viewed them. Schools generally use the active/inactive setting until they're ready for people to view them. In this scenario, you would build the checklist while it's inactive, assign it to as many users as you would like, then activate it.

    Some of our schools also will only assign it to a test user, activate it- make sure it looks ok from a test user perspective, inactivate it, and then assign it to everyone else before activating it again.

    Checklists are similar to the inquiry form and the application, in that generally, we don't know when a user will be utilizing them, so a publish date wouldn't work.

    For student checklists, the same steps would apply -- when you're ready for people to view, you can activate the checklist and it would turn on for all 1500 users at the same time.