New Event Management - Allow Admissions to update or delete an event registration

There should be a place for the Admission Office to be able to alter an event registration that doesn't include checking in the parent. Right now, we can change the date of a registration to a later one but the module requires us to Check-in that person for that event. That's not right.

  • Nathalie Miller
  • Nov 3 2022
  • Implemented
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    Kelsey Huijgen commented
    8 Aug 07:34pm

    Hello! You can now delete a variety of things when it comes to your event attendees. From the Attendee Options list (formerly the Attendees list), you can delete a specific option for attendees. From the Form Submissions list, you can delete an entire registration and all associated attendees/options. You can also delete forms that have been started but not submitted from that Forms Submissions list, which will help if you're just testing out your form and still need to make edits. All these changes should now be live!


    Kelsey Huijgen, Product Manager

  • Barbara Palena commented
    31 May 01:32pm

    For forms with multiple registration options, admissions should be able to change the option(s) that a registrant has signed up for. Currently we have to cancel the existing registration and set up a new one.

  • Emily Johns commented
    28 Mar 03:27pm

    I found a work around for deleting event registrations, but only for unprocessed registrations.

    In the Process event registrations page, select the registration you want to remove. Select "Create new user account" for the candidate and "Do not create new account" for the parent and then click Process. Then go to Core and find the new user that was created and remove the user from the system.

  • Brian LeBlanc commented
    23 Feb 07:05pm

    In the event that there is a duplicate registration, we have no way to delete the duplicate and the attendees will appear on the event attendee list twice. Marking them as Cancelled is not the same as deleting them outright. We need the ability to delete them as well as mark as Cancelled or No-Show.