Event registration (New) - Being able to export all the fields captured in the registration form

Allow the export option to export every field filled in the form in an excel format. Right now, only some fields can be exported and not the important ones. We should be able to create an excel spreadsheet of the whole event. Also the "advanced lists" do not work with the Event registration (New). We can't even create a list...

  • Lyne Labrecque
  • Nov 23 2022
  • Implemented
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  • Admin
    Kelsey Huijgen commented
    30 May, 2023 08:37pm

    We added a new list for Events in today's release called the Form submissions list. You'll see this linked next to the Sign Ups count when you're viewing your Events dashboard. It will contain all the fields from your registration forms and can be exported if needed!

  • Milka Kattan commented
    22 May, 2023 05:40pm

    When rolling out a new feature, please do not do so until all the features can be used. This is affecting our families as we are unable to pull useful reports

  • Laurie Cross commented
    26 Apr, 2023 08:42pm

    THIS IS A HUGE ISSUE. The inability to do this basically renders the new event forms useless. Why would a new form be created that has LESS functionality than the previous form? Please please fix this over the summer of 2023!!!!

  • Barbara Palena commented
    10 Mar, 2023 08:13pm

    This is a MAJOR omission in new event functionality. What is the purpose of allowing data to be entered that can't be seen? New event registration forms do not show up in Reports and there is no useful data within the Event Object in Advanced List. No way to tell what the registrant entered in form fields.

  • Jill Frantti commented
    31 Jan, 2023 08:42pm

    the new events registration is useless to us until better reporting functionality is implemented.

  • Chrystalle Kiefer commented
    26 Jan, 2023 02:24pm

    This needs to be implemented asap and should have been included when created.

  • Laurie Cross commented
    13 Jan, 2023 05:44pm

    Agree. Why give a user the ability to include all these fields on a form then not be able to capture the data?? Seems like a large omission....

  • Olivia Riddiford commented
    9 Dec, 2022 03:04pm

    Please do this soon! Very annoying