NOT NEW: Just bring back the feature for bulk assigning contracts for returning students grouped by current contract

I was all set to assign contracts for our returning students today and found we can no longer assign them based on their current contract. This is by far the easiest way to assign all of our nine different contracts, and for this to be eliminated with an alleged "improvement" from Blackbaud is incredibly frustrating. If you're going to roll out an improvement, be sure to hold onto the features that actually make the module/function useful.

  • Amanda Lietman
  • Jan 18 2023
  • Implemented
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  • Becky Segall commented
    30 Jan, 2023 04:36pm

    I agree. Please talk with actual users before making changes.

  • Guest commented
    25 Jan, 2023 07:16pm

    Cannot agree more. The removal of filtering options from the bulk assign contract tool has made it essentially useless for us. We are currently having to build new lists to accurately filter our students to determine appropriate contract type and will have to assign them one by one.

  • Andrew Teets commented
    25 Jan, 2023 06:02pm

    Yes please! - this would make assigning contracts so much easier.