Rename "Thank You" button on event registrations

My understanding of the "Thank You" button that appears in a few different locations, including at the end of my event registrations, is that is just a button to close the form. If this is the case, if you insist on having a button here, name it as "Close form" or something. I have so many families that are clicking on this button and getting a blank page so they think something went wrong and then they go back and redo the registration all over again. This is already a confirmation page, why is there a button at all. Please either rename this for what is actually does, or give us editing rights to change on our end.

  • Chrystalle Kiefer
  • Jan 26 2023
  • Implemented
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  • Admin
    Kelsey Huijgen commented
    10 May, 2023 09:01pm

    We changed the way this button functions based on which scenario applies. If a parent is logged in and chooses and existing candidate record when signing up, the Thank You button will take them back to their candidate's record when they're done filling out the form. If they are logged in and choose "New candidate" or if they are using the public URL, we have removed the Thank you button.

    I will leave this idea open since we technically did not rename the Thank You button for parents who are logged in. However, please know parents will no longer be redirected to a blank page, so hopefully the underlying reason for this idea has been taken care of! Please comment if there continue to be any issues with the Thank You button for those who do see it.