New Event Management - Edit Form

Currently, the new event registration form gets locked once it has been viewed, even if there is no data associated with it. This is a problem because if you share the link with someone to check the form without submitting it, you then can't edit it. The form should not get locked if there is no data associated with it, just like the inquiry and application forms.

In addition, if data has been submitted as a test and you delete the registrants, (data associated with the form) the form should return to an editable state which is the current behavior of inquiry and application forms.

  • Bryan Lorenzo
  • Feb 14 2023
  • Implemented
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  • Tamara Photiadis commented
    18 Jan 02:21pm

    The execution of this implementation still has issues. If the form-builder has multiple blackbaud windows open (who doesn't?), then all the form text gets deleted when the partial registration is deleted. I have worked around this by duplicating the form before deleting the partial registrations, then re-pasting the text back into the form, but it is time-consuming to do this with every testing attempt. Can this be corrected? Thank you!

  • Admin
    Kelsey Huijgen commented
    6 Oct, 2023 07:20pm

    A registration record is created in a "Started" status when you first access the event registration form, so the form gets locked at this point even if you haven't submitted the form. We created the Form Submissions list that will allow you to see all of your submitted forms as well as your started forms. You can use this list to delete any forms that have been started or submitted, which will allow you to reopen the form for editing.