Committee Review - Current Admissions Year

The Committee Review center is only available if it aligns with the "current admissions year". Our current admissions year should not dictate whether the committee review center is viewable or not.

Our faculty need access to these files into and throughout the current school year, which does not always (and most of the year does not) align with our current admissions year. If we no longer want faculty to have access to a specific committee review, we will mark it inactive.

Please change the way the Committee Review center functions so it is not tied to the school year settings!

  • Samantha Ruscio
  • Sep 8 2023
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  • Samantha Ruscio commented
    9 Nov, 2023 05:05pm


    I have just run into this issue for the 4th time this year where I've had to flip our current admissions year back in order for the review files to be available to faculty. It is messing up reporting, current school year transcript applicant files, etc...

  • Morgan Kunze commented
    22 Sep, 2023 08:03pm

    Hard upvote. We are still (!) doing admissions for late entry to 23-24, but can no longer use the committee function since we our "actual" current admissions year is 24-25. The committee review info is invaluable to us and having to do admissions without it creates a lot of extra work and clogs communication channels. Thank you @Samantha!