Send an invoice email to a family when a family selects "In School Payment" on an enrollment contract.

We are using the Tuition Management integrated contract process, but this feature would benefit anyone using the enrollment contracts feature.

Our families tell us they assumed they will be invoiced for the deposit, and since they see the option to be invoiced when they select the payment plan, it is a reasonable assumption. Our students (especially international students) often require invoices (ie for employer benefit re-imbursement) for the deposit payments. Also, they use a variety of "In School Payments" such as wire transfer, Flywire payments, another party or trust paying via their card or bank, as well as the usual check sent to the school option. As a result, we share a lot of information on the "In School Payment" section. However, after the parent clicks "In School Payment", they cannot get back to see this list of payment options as the "Deposit" area of the contract is no longer visible. In addition, many parents have trouble finding the contract (and hence the deposit amount) once it has been complete as the yellow action bar is gone. Even if they go to the Files and Forms area, it is hidden until they select to show completed forms so they spend a long time looking for the information and often just give up in frustration. Please help us!

  • Bethanne Stish
  • Feb 8 2024
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