Calculate Age Based on Particular Date

Because we need to know the age of our candidate students when they begin school the following year, we'd like the system to auto-calculate and insert into the Candidate's Profile what his/her age will be on a designated date (i.e. the first day of school). We'd also like the system to be able to calculate the age of the candidate on the date of their screening. In other words, we want to be able to select a date for which the child's age is calculated.

If it cannot be a specific date each year, we'd at least like the system to tell us the age of our candidates on September 1 of the admission year. 

  • Rachel Freeman
  • May 4 2016
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  • Moriah Petersen Griffin commented
    25 Jan 06:52pm

    We would rely heavily on this feature if it were available!

  • Candi Roberts commented
    12 Sep, 2023 12:02pm

    This would really be helpful in Admissions for us as well.