Edit Application elements after published

We need the ability to edit non-data parts of Applications in OnBoard, after they are published and used. We often uncover usability issues after prospective parents begin to use these applications, no matter how much we refine them beforehand. For example, changing field labels, instructions, links to external files, layout of a page. We can understand freezing data structure after forms are submitted, but we really need the ability to refine these for ease-of-use throughout the admissions season. (Yes, we can expire and create a new app via copying and editing the previous one, but not ideal. And the old ones stay in play for all those applicants who started with them.)
  • Vincent Jurgens
  • Jul 22 2015
  • Implemented
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    Kelsey Huijgen commented
    20 Jul, 2023 09:17pm

    Hello! We recently released new functionality that will allow you to edit text in an application form (and any other form) that is in use. If you need to change a field label or edit instructions, you can do so without needing to create a new form. I am going to close this idea as Implemented. If you need additional edit capabilities, please create a new idea so we can track that request!

    Kelsey Huijgen, Product Manager

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