If you integrate subtopics into the onCampus platform, it will allow teachers to take an extended unit of study and divide it up into sub groupings to help sort the content that is being used to support learning. Otherwise, it all has to be located on a single page which can make it look a little overwhelming.

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  • Jun 23 2016
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  • Guest commented
    24 Feb, 2021 06:32pm

    I have used two other products that had subtopics. Currently, students either have to sort through a ton of topics or scroll a great deal to get to the section they need to read. Hands down the worst feature of OnCampus.

  • Guest commented
    23 Jun, 2020 10:56pm

    This would be such a useful feature. My school just switched to the Blackbaud LMS from PowerSchool, which had this feature. I feel like this is the only major drawback I've found in making the switch so far. I really, really want subtopic pages.

  • Lisa Williams commented
    20 Sep, 2018 01:12pm

    We have a lot of teachers wanting this as well, they build lessons out by day and would love to be able to include their day slides, notes, and attachments/downloads to show a sub distinction by unit or week.