Class Pages: Teachers want to choose if users default on to Topics or Bulletin Board

I am requesting that teachers be able to have the option to default to their Topics, rather than Bulletin Board on course pages.
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  • Aug 25 2015
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  • Seth Battis commented
    22 Dec, 2022 05:52pm

    Additionally, it turns out that if you remove Bulletin Board access from members of a group (Core > Security > Group page access), the group or class will just load to a blank page. This is because the internal links to the class are hard-coded to go to the bulletin board, rather than a generic class URL (e.g. ``).

    Allowing teachers to preferentially choose bulletin board or topics (or assignments) as a landing page would be killer.

    In the meantime, what I have resorted to, crudely, is using the embed widget on the bulletin board. If I embed the following code:

    const override = new URLSearchParams('override');
    Array.from(document.querySelectorAll('.bulletin.thumbnail')).forEach(c => {
    const match = c.innerText.match(/{{redirect:(.+)}}/);
    if (match) {
    if (!override) {
    document.location.href = match[1];
    } else {
    'You would have been redirected to ' +
    match[1] +
    ' if the override URL parameter was not present'

    I can then caption the embed widget something useful like:


    This results links to the bulletin board redirecting to wherever the caption tells it to go (in this case, Topics). I left a backdor in there so that I could edit it later. If I return to the page with the override URL parameter set, it just tells me that it would have redirected me.
  • Elaine Bregman commented
    8 Nov, 2016 10:39pm

    currently you can turn off bulletin board so it does not appear, but students and teachers still have to click on topics to open it. It would be great if bulletin board is turned off, that topics would auto open as it already does for bulletin board.

  • Gillian Abineri commented
    31 Aug, 2015 04:32pm

    Or to default on the assignments page.