Make an assessment viewable on the calendar, but not accessible until the date/time specified

Faculty would like the ability to make certain upcoming quizzes visible on a students' Assignment Center without the quiz becoming accessible until a specific date and time.

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  • Aug 24 2016
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  • Angela Addison commented
    21 Dec, 2020 03:58pm

    If you publish it now, but the assigned date is in the future the student will see it in their assignment list but won't be able to open it until the assigned date/time

  • Austin Ewachiw commented
    6 Feb, 2018 02:24pm

    I just had a teacher send me this suggestion.  As of right now, his work around is to have TWO assignments,  the first Assignment called "Quiz on FRIDAY", and a second assignment that is the actual assessment.  Let's kill 2 birds with one stone and allow an assessment to have a "Visibility" date and also an "Activate Assessment" date/time.  Thanks!