Website is not responsive for "podium bridge tasks", so parents cannot easily read an announcement on their phone.

We created a family association group and they have been posting news in that group.  We subscribed all parents to the group.  Now, when an announcement goes out each parent receive a link to view it.  When they click on the link from their phone they must scroll from left to right to read it because the page is not responsive.  We bought the onProducts w/ the understanding that all components and pages are responsive so this is frustrating.  This is the explanation for why it is not responsive:

"After partnering up with some internal resources, I have found that private news detail pages like the one we were looking at is a podium bridge task. That being said this means that pages like this are not going to be responsive. However anything webpage on the front end provided that it is an onmessage site will be responsive and fit to the phones screen size."

It would be great if this could be fixed ASAP since we do not own onMessage and are not able to purchase it.  It seems like any announcement should be responsive since a lot of people now read messages on their mobile devices.


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  • Jan 11 2017
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