Importing Assessments from one year to another

Assessments need to be available for import from one year to another. Considering how much effort and time  goes into creating them! 

  • LoisAnne Cefarello
  • Jul 26 2017
  • Already exists
  • Aug 25, 2017

    Admin response

    Hi All,

    My apologies if there is any misinformation floating around about the Assignment Import feature but it does include all Assignments, Assessments as well as Discussions. 

    Here's a little Jing video showing you how it works: 

    So your teachers will be able to reuse their Assessments between sections and across terms. No need to recreate them. 

    IF you are finding Assessments are not showing up in the Assignment Import as expected, please report the issue to our Support team with an example (Teacher, Class Section, Name of Assessment, etc) so we can dig into it. 

    Thanks and have a great weekend!


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  • Nancy Stutsman commented
    25 Aug, 2020 04:20pm

    Just checked with support, and while this exists, it is not possible to distinguish which assignments are assessments. Our teachers feel that would be very helpful and have started naming their assessments with assessment in the title, so they can find them more easily. It would be great if it was a filter option.

  • Allison Havens commented
    18 Aug, 2017 01:27pm

    I am shocked and incredibly dissapointed that I will not have access to the assessments I created last year.  I spent hours inputing questions and pictures in my assessments.  As a busy educator, this is a major inconvenience.  I find it odd that I could import my old bulletin boards and literally EVERYTHING else but assessments, which are a crucial part of the teaching process.  There are plenty of third party sites that allow teachers to create assessments that won't disappear  - and they are free.  I expect more from a service that charges its users.

  • LoisAnne Cefarello commented
    2 Aug, 2017 02:29pm

    Thank you Sybil, However you seem to confuse "assignments" and "assessments." An assessment is a quiz which is written in the program and it seems to transfer for gradebook purposes when imported but does not seem to be present for a student to take. How can a teacher check and make sure it is present for the class? Mari Miller, one of our English teachers, has imported her information and she is pretty fluent in this LMS, but since this is only our second year with the LMS it is difficult to see if the assessments will be present for the kids.

    According to a phone conversation I had with someone in your tech group, they said that assessments are not available for importing.

    This is critical for our teachers who want to fully embrace the tools provided.

  • Sybil Jackson Carter commented
    27 Jul, 2017 11:46pm

    You can import assessments from year to year. Go to your class and click on Assignments.  There is a button on the right-hand side entitled Import.  Change the year in the dropdown menu and you can import anything you want from the previous year.

  • Mari Goodridge Miller commented
    26 Jul, 2017 09:28pm

    It seems illogical for assessments not to be available to import from year to year. Teachers reuse paper assessments all the time, tweaking and modifying them with new questions/ideas. 

    On a side note, I wouldn't have even used this feature last year if I had realized I would be re-typing quizzes annually.  Very disappointing given that Canvas and Moodle both have this feature.