Ability to track "Points" for Activity/Athletic Participation

Many schools have a "point" or "merit" system for participation in athletics and clubs.  Since rosters are already in onCampus, it makes sense that we use that information as a basis for tracking individual student involvement,  for example the ability to add "2" points to a rostered student for participation in the Fall Lego club.  This would allow for accumulation of points at the end of a term or end of the school year for reporting back to students and parents.  Currently Athletic rosters have open fields (by student) which can be re-purposed (such as Jersey # or locker #) but there is not an available field in Activities.  This enhancement would eliminate the need for cumbersome offline tools and processes that essentially mimic much of the information already in K12.

  • Peggy McBean
  • Oct 6 2017
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  • Bradley D'Hondt commented
    10 Mar, 2020 07:52pm

    We really miss not having this as it was present in FAWeb/Education Edge.

  • Justin Medved commented
    10 Oct, 2017 09:44am

    Most schools have some sort of house system or awards framework that they would like to track.

  • Guest commented
    6 Oct, 2017 03:04pm

    This would be a great field to add. Thanks Peggy.