Allow HTML/LaTeX formatting in Multiple Choice answers

I would like to have the ability to code HTML (or at least be able to change fonts) in assessment multiple choice answer choices. It’s not possible to differentiate between ordinary text and computer code when only one font is available. Typically, I use the HTML <code></code> tag, but switching to the Courier New font also works. Additionally, allowing the use of LaTeX would greatly facilitate the entry of mathematical expressions.

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  • Oct 26 2017
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  • Dwight Jessup commented
    07 Jan 18:18

    This is very key to any of the STEM assessments (physics, math, computers, etc.).  There needs to be a way to add "n" to the power of 2 as an answer selection.  Currently there is no way to format the text in the answer selections.  I currently have to spell out these answers as "n to the power of 2" or "n * n" (hope the students understand what this is).