Ability to mark students academically ineligible for activities/athletics

We have certain requirements for student participation in activities and athletics (athletics is mandated by the Iowa athletic association) related to academics.  These requirements are imposed at the end of each semester and also (in a slightly different way) at the end of every grading period (every 6 weeks).  I would love to see an option to mark a student academically ineligible.  Then, ideally, the activity moderator/athletic coach would be notified/able to see the students on their rosters that are excluded from performance/competition until their academic ineligibility is lifted.  I know this is an option in certain athletic management apps that our Athletic Director was researching using.  It would be great to have it embedded in OnCampus to keep everything in one single system.  Thanks! 

  • Erica Arnold
  • Apr 13 2018
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