Student tracker portal for counseling office (like Nurse's office)

Our counselors need to track student visits and reasons to their offices.  It would be very helpful to have a portal similar to Nurse's Office for them to use to track the visits from their students.

  • Erica Arnold
  • Dec 11 2018
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  • Michele Bella commented
    12 Nov, 2021 11:19pm

    Please please consider this ASAP!!! We are in need for an area where we can add student notes for only our counselors and/or our Principal/Vice Principal to see. There are many students that the counselors are dealing with issues that the whole school should not see or know about. The counselors need somewhere to put their notes. Especially if one counselor is out another can step in help with that student.

  • Jen Quest-Stern commented
    2 Jun, 2020 01:22pm

    In these times, we are seeing an increase in Mental Health needs in the school-based environment. I would like to see a Module similar to Nurses Office called School-based Counseling that is HIPAA/FERPA compliant. This module would include a single sign on feature, seamless with the Blackbaud suite of products. Counselors would link to student schedules, contacts, and input clinical counseling notes per visit Subjective, Objective, Assessment & Plan (SOAP). Counselors could link to student schedules, contacts, and input clinical counseling notes per visit in the format of: Subjective, Objective, Assessment & Plan (SOAP). Options for "type" of visit should be indicated: "student visit" or "case management". As with the Nurses Office, this module would be accessible to ONLY to select employees within the school with the designation of Counselor. In order to protect content within each counseling session, the default setting should be that each counselor can only see notes that he/she/they have input. Counseling departments should have the option to make notes visible to other designated counselors. THANK YOU!

  • Guest commented
    2 Jun, 2020 01:11pm

    Yes, this is so needed!

  • Christopher Obenchain commented
    22 Jul, 2019 07:19pm

    I second Gregg's comment wholeheartedly!

  • Gregg commented
    20 Mar, 2019 01:00pm

    It would be nice to allow scheduling of appointments that would appear on the student's calendar as well.