Allow individual rooms in Dorm buildings to be offered or not for residents

We want to create all rooms in their respective buildings.  However, in the case of dorms we also have apartments that students cannot occupy, as they are for dorm parents.  As such, we get rooms that show as available under Dorm management when that is not the reality.  While we could mark those rooms as having a capacity of 0, we want all our data to be accurate.

As such, for any building that is configured as a 'Dorm', we want the ability to check a box adjacent to each room to indicate that a given room is available for residents.

This would be especially helpful for when rooms are temporarily not available because of renovations, for example, as we could simply remove the checkbox so all our numbers as far as availability is concerned are accurate.

  • Alex Orlebeke
  • Aug 23 2019
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