LMS Allow Exam View & Test Bank Question Import

It would be helpful to many teachers on my campus to have the OnCampus LMS open to importing questions from Exam View test banks.  Our textbooks come with the these test generators and having the ability to pull them into a Blackbaud Assessment that would auto-grade (most questions) and input the grade into the gradebook would streamline work for many teachers.  Many use other platforms to accomplish this goal.

  • Cera Marsh
  • Nov 5 2019
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  • Jen Brakeman commented
    7 Mar, 2022 01:19am

    This would be amazing!

  • Michael Fugger commented
    22 Nov, 2019 06:26pm

    I would add a feature that would be nice: Have a teacher be able to create a question bank with questions, then tell the LMS to select a certain number of those question bank questions AND, if the questions are multiple choice, rearrange the answer choices presented at test time. with different questions to each student taking the test.  Even being able to copy and paste test questions from other tests given during the year to perhaps create a semester exam would be nice. I am not simply talking about copying an assessment, but being able to take the first ten questions from a quarter one test, and ten from a quarter two test, and creating a semester test without retyping in the test stem and answer choices.