We want to be able to Publish an assignment on a given Date AND Time.

Currently, setting Publish to "Assigned Date" does not allow the teacher to restrict the students' access to the assignment until their class begins (or at some other time of the teacher's choosing). This is particularly important for graded discussions, where all the students should be participating at the same time. The only workaround we have found is to set Publish = No, wait until the desired time, and then edit the assignment settings so that Publish = Now. This is very cumbersome, especially if the assignment will be used with many classes but at different times, since the teacher has to "set their alarm clock" to go back and change the Publish setting at just the right time for every assignment.

  • Rick Nohle
  • Mar 24 2020
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  • Alex Orlebeke commented
    1 Apr, 2020 03:12pm

    I've been informed by one of our reps that this is one of many enhancements that have shifted to a higher development priority to support remote learning.

  • Rick Nohle commented
    28 Mar, 2020 10:12am

    If I create an assignment, give it a specific time to be assigned, and choose "assigned date" from the publish drop-down menu, the assignment shows up right away. That is, students can see it as soon as I click "save" on the "edit assignment" page. However, students cannot access the assignment until the specified time that I designated when creating the assignment.

    The only thing I would still want is to have that pending assignment remain completely invisible to the students until the specified time. I would like this functionality because I assign different prompts for each class, and I do not want, for example, my 5th period to have hours to prepare a response while my 1st period gets less time.

  • Angela Addison commented
    26 Mar, 2020 06:26pm

    fantastic! I'm going to send out an invite. thanks!

  • Rick Nohle commented
    26 Mar, 2020 04:48pm

    Hi, Angela! I would be glad to talk to you. I'm uncertain whether you are going to invite me to join your meeting, or if you are waiting for me to initiate a call. I have plenty of time today. Let me know.

  • Rick Nohle commented
    26 Mar, 2020 04:32pm

    I can talk with you. Do you want to invite me to your webex meeting?

  • Karen Ulric commented
    26 Mar, 2020 04:21pm

    Not Rick - but available

  • Angela Addison commented
    26 Mar, 2020 04:11pm

    Hi Rick - or anyone else voting this up. Would someone have 5 minutes to hop on a call with me? I have some enhancement requests we're trying to push through to assist with the online learning demands and would like to get this included but have some questions about expected behavior. Would be very helpful if I could hop on a webex with someone for a couple minutes to make sure we're getting the details right. Thanks in advance!