We would like to have a "Commit All" option that would allow us to bulk commit grades for multiple assessments at once.

I have teachers who use assessments daily for multiple classes. They have asked if there is an option to "commit all" results within a specific time frame without having to open each assessment, one at a time, and using the bulk commit feature. In a week, it's possible for our teachers to have five or more assessments per class, and they'd like to just open their class and hit a Commit All button to add student results to their gradebook.

  • Shirley Wagar
  • May 12 2020
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  • Stephanie Oberle commented
    30 Jan, 2023 05:47pm

    To add to this .... having the ability to bulk commit even if all students haven't submitted their work ... currently the teacher must go into the gradebook to select commit in order to commit grades for those students who were given grades ... this really hinders the ability to provide instant feedback to our students and an annoyance that student didn't follow directions to click submit or that a student is absent on assessment day.

  • Morgan Kunze commented
    20 Oct, 2021 08:52pm

    Heck yes.