Don't show a "Graded" number when the assignment is not included in the gradebook.

For the most part, I like the changes that have been made to the assignment center and assignment course pages. However, something that is a new problem is how it shows "graded". If an assignment is not included in the gradebook (in other words, it's not graded) the "graded" column shows "0". This is also what is shows for graded assignments when the teacher has not graded the assignment yet. This is confusing. Our teachers have always relied on the old "graded" view where it showed how many had been graded/needed to be graded and it was color coded. This was soooo helpful. Also, if an assignment wasn't included in the gradebook, the "graded" column was just blank. Please AT LEAST remove the "0" when an assignment isn't included in the gradebook. It is misleading. It would also be nice if the color coded view was brought back.

  • Megan Day
  • Jun 26 2020
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  • Claudine Aguilar commented
    20 Aug, 2020 06:01pm

    Completely agree; it's very difficult from the teacher's point of view to know what grading we still have yet to do when we open the assignments page without this organization. I really depend on this to get my work done.

    Just as the student have the color coding to complete their assignments, teacher's really rely on the color coding to complete their grading. Thank you!