Gradebook should always open in its own tab or window

After the Assignments view was changed to the new Sky list interface for faculty, there is a strange new behavior when clicking on the Gradebook while viewing Assignments: the Gradebook now opens in the same tab and the only way to navigate back to the course is via the browser back button. It opens in a new window as it always did when one clicks on Gradebook while viewing Bulletin Board, Topics, and any other tab within the course other than Assignments. I thought that this was surely a bug, but Blackbaud support says that Developers confirmed that it is operating as intended. The user experience is horrible. Please change the behavior back to what it had always been. When clicking on the Gradebook, it should always open in a new window no matter what tab the user is currently viewing.

  • Ben Schworm
  • Jul 13 2020
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  • Scott Yoshimura commented
    2 Nov, 2020 11:11pm

    Since it's unlikely Blackbaud will change this anytime soon, I updated my user script to modify the behavior of the Gradebook link/button/tab on the Assignments page so that it opens in a new window, like it does everywhere else.