"Open Link in New Window" as default

We would like to have "Open Link in New Window" as the default when inserting links via the text editor on the Bulletin Board, News, etc. If there was a way to allow us to select this as a default so teachers don't have to change it every time, that would be great!

  • Anna Landry
  • Aug 25 2020
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  • Stephanie Oberle commented
    24 Jul, 2023 07:33pm

    This would really help the teachers!

    I would add that when importing the bulletin board, a topic, or an assignment to a new school year that the link keeps the open in a new window instead of going back to same window. Teachers should not be wasting their precious time "fixing" all the links they spent time "fixing" during the previous school year.

  • Lorrie Neuharth commented
    4 Nov, 2022 08:57pm

    Let's keep voting for this!!!

  • Petra Hall commented
    24 Mar, 2022 01:52pm

    Changing this would be a really easy way to drastically reduce the number of clicks required to maintain... so many things! It would also reduce frustration from end users and staff who have to fix links post-publication.