Allow Students and Teachers to set the default view for their Assignment Center

Not everyone likes to see information the same way or even organize the same way. Currently when you go into assignment center you see it in list view. So if you change it, like a lot of my students and teachers are, to see it in grid view and only when due when you move off it the system reverts to list view and all assignments. I would be nice to allow each user, students and teachers, to be able to set up their default settings for this view.

  • Angela Kunz
  • Oct 19 2020
  • Planned
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  • Phil Hoesch commented
    25 Mar, 2022 02:28pm

    Is there a timeline for students to have this ability?

  • Morgan Kunze commented
    20 Oct, 2021 08:51pm

    I know that this is now available for teachers - would LOVE it if students could also set their default preferences.

  • Angela Kunz commented
    4 Jan, 2021 06:28pm

    Hi, I was excited when I saw this so I went in tested it and when I go and set it to the calendar view and due and leave and come back it reverts to the initial view. How do I set this?