Comments for teachers only in gradebook

In the gradebook, have a section for teacher comments (not published to students and parents) and a section students, parents and both (toggle). Sometimes teachers wish to make notes about a student's performance on an assignment that is strictly for their eyes only.

  • Dyvar Anderson
  • Nov 9 2020
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  • Jeanne Townsend commented
    17 Apr 02:49pm

    The addition of a 'For Teacher's Eyes Only' comment on Assignments would be so helpful! We struggled to get our teachers to allow students to see the Student Feedback area on Assessments because we had a number of teachers who had been using this area for their own comments!

  • Amy Hentschke commented
    17 Apr 02:16pm

    One of our teachers' gave an example of why this is needed:

    I might like to place a note next to an assignment that indicates that the student was provided support to complete. Or the student demonstrated mastery during a class discussion. These little insights, when captured, help when looking at the students performance on assessments, or end of the quarter grades. It helps with documentation.