Need option for hiding assessment grades

During our finals week, we turn off grade access for students and parents. This allows teachers time to input cumulative assessment grades and comments before they are released to families. In the past, we have always done this using the "Gradebook settings > Marking period & grade access" area and change student and parent access on "Assignment grades" to hidden. Usually, teacher's cumulative assessments are added as "Assignments" but this year, we had a number of teachers use the built in "Assessment" feature for all or part of their cumulative assessments. We learned that turning off grade access does not include Assessments. Students were able to see their grades as soon as the teachers committed them to their gradebook. The only solution provided by Blackbaud Support was to have the teacher uncheck the "Publish grade" box for the assessment. This means that after grades are posted and the teacher wants students to be able to see their grade and results, they have to go back in and check the "Publish grade" option. This is so much extra work for teachers and there is no documentation saying that assessments are exempt when changing "Grade Access" settings. There needs to be an option for administrators to turn off access to Assessment grades and until then, there needs to be better documentation.

  • Megan Day
  • May 27 2021
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