Don't allow blank submissions in Assignment Center

In an assignment with an in-system submission (submitted text or linked to Google Drive) a student can click submit with no text or link to a Google file included. It then marks the assignment as completed and creates the icon in the teacher's gradebook as if the student has submitted something. The system should know that neither field had been completed and not allow them to submit.

  • Erin Hall
  • Sep 8 2021
  • Implemented
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  • Barbara Cohen commented
    8 Feb, 2023 09:31pm

    Big problem for our middle school teachers!

  • Melissa Battis commented
    16 Nov, 2021 01:04pm

    when this says implemented. Does it go as deep as to not mark something as submitted if all the student does is mark it complete? Or was the implement only on Google submissions?

  • john simpson commented
    18 Oct, 2021 02:51pm

    Shocking that this made it out of alpha let alone beta and then prod.

  • Melissa Battis commented
    18 Oct, 2021 02:18pm

    This should be a top priority fix, as it is important for a teacher to be able to spot check and identify which students are behind and need support in their work. If a student can merely click "complete" to get the submission icon to show up, we are not able to help and support our students as needed.

  • Jennifer​ McConnell commented
    23 Sep, 2021 05:58pm

    This is a feature that is gretaly needed!

  • Tammy Williamson commented
    23 Sep, 2021 12:57am

    I agree this is essential for teachers. If kids are counting on teaches spot checking, they think they can get away with something. Additionally, it is frustrating to spend time searching for something that is not there.

  • Sarah Whitehead commented
    17 Sep, 2021 07:46pm

    Yes please!!! Kids mark it as complete, but it is not since they never submitted anything

  • Guest commented
    16 Sep, 2021 05:07pm

    This is essential for our teachers!