View assessments (tests) in real time

Please allow us to view our students' tests (assessments) in real time. The LMS "Socrative" has this feature, in which you can view which question students are up to, and view a graph showing the percentage of students who are at 25%, 50%, 75%, etc of finishing the test.

This would also be helpful so that the teachers could know when a student's test was "broken", as this is still occurring quite frequently (as in, the student thinks they handed in the test, pressed the "submit" button, but the next day, all the teacher sees is "allow continue" and no answers given). We tell our students not to press "back" or "refresh" or have multiple Blackbaud tabs open, but this still occurs during almost every Blackbaud test given. It is getting to be unacceptable. (I will create a different idea about this, since it is slightly different. I believe the entire assessment system needs to be overhauled). Or maybe it just needs to be tested better on iPad. We use only iPads in our school, and I feel like the tests (creating and taking them) would work much better on a computer or desktop than a laptop. There are several other things that don't work well on the iPads (ie: I currently have a ticket open about the gradebook, because it "wobbles" meaning you can't see which student you are clicking on).

When our teachers used Socrative, I never had complaints of this sort, I have attached some screenshots of how teachers can view student tests while using Socrative. Maybe Blackbaud can employ a similar method.

  • Janice Bonczek
  • Sep 29 2021
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