Report for printing seating charts

Printing seating charts would help us with contact tracing for COVID.

  • Mary Beth Pelc
  • Oct 5 2021
  • Implemented
  • Jan 19, 2022

    Admin response

    The option to Print was added to Seating charts on 1/18/22.

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  • beverly goldin commented
    15 Feb, 2022 05:03pm

    I completely agree with Adrian S.!! I want to run a report of all the seating charts in the school.

  • Adrian S. commented
    26 Jan, 2022 06:32pm

    I feel like the implementation for this request really missed the mark. If I have to print seating charts to contact trace a student, I have to go individually into each academic group to print. There should be a true report in the reports section that will print all seating charts based on a variety of filters, by student, by course, by teacher.

  • Jennifer​ McConnell commented
    8 Jan, 2022 02:26pm

    Now that the new term has started, seating charts may have changed. The ability to PRINT them easily would be much appreciated for teachers as well as for substitutes who do not have access to the class through OnCampus. Thank you.

  • Cecilia Kwilos commented
    2 Nov, 2021 02:18pm

    Just learned today that seating charts disappear at the end of a term. Printing the chart just became critical, given this fact.

  • Arlene Zoeller commented
    12 Oct, 2021 07:14pm

    This would be very helpful to run in reports.

  • Mary Revie commented
    12 Oct, 2021 04:08pm

    A printable option without having to manipulate it (copy/paste into something else, etc) would really be beneficial.

  • Terri Rodriguez commented
    12 Oct, 2021 03:07pm

    A must for substitute teachers!!!

    Yes for contact tracing as well.

  • Carol Ann Michaelson commented
    12 Oct, 2021 03:05pm

    Being able to print the seating chart is critical. A hard copy is necessary for subs who don’t have access to the digital version.

  • Nancy Kierstead commented
    12 Oct, 2021 12:16pm

    Our teachers currently need to build a seating chart outside the system and email it to our nurse, who does our contact tracing. It would be great if we could have a report and/or visibility of these seating charts, by Role, potentially.

  • Guest commented
    12 Oct, 2021 11:44am

    For contact tracing, this would be super helpful if seating charts could be run in reports and printed

  • Susan Swensen commented
    12 Oct, 2021 03:03am

    We were able to print the seating chart by copying the url in the pop up to a browser window and printing from the browser.

  • mary beth polski commented
    12 Oct, 2021 02:36am

    would love it to be easier to edit. Right now I have to put all kiddos back in to unassigned area and start all over. Frustrating!

  • Leslie Hagen commented
    6 Oct, 2021 01:08pm

    Would love the ability to download the seating chart.

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