Let. Me. Open. Links. In. A. New. Tab.

There are a bunch of places in the interface that are a clicky annoyance to get to, that generate lists of links that I want to work with, and I can't (easily) just open those links in new tabs (leaving the list untouched, or generating a tab group that represents my search results).

  1. Search results when browsing courses.

  2. Topics. (Especially being able to open topics in edit mode.)

In most cases, I can right-click on a link and choose to open it in a new tab, but I can feel the RSS setting in in the tendons of my hand as I do that. I want to be able to command-click to to do the same thing (faster, easier, cleaner). But can I command click? Weirdly... no. I blame some Javascript on the page.

  • Seth Battis
  • Jun 24 2022
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  • Marc Hill commented
    29 Jun, 2022 12:56pm

    If you are using any sort of standard mouse, 2 buttons and a wheel then you can click the middle mouse (wheel) just like a normal button, this is the shortcut for opening links in new tabs on most devices. Most links that you can right click and open in new tab can also be opened by middle clicking, you can even hold shift while doing so to automatically move to that tab.