Make Student Name a Link to Contact Card

Clicking a student's name on the roster of a class or group, or in search results, should lead directly to the student's contact card. Nine times out of ten, that's where we're trying to go anyway, and if we were dropped directly there, it would only be one more click to get to any other tab on the student's profile.

As it stands, the name on a roster is not a link, and we have to click a three-dots button that leads to three options: View Profile (a.k.a. the Contact Card), View Relationships (which are also on the Contact Card, so this option is superfluous), and Print Medical Contact Card (which is a niche feature that certainly doesn't deserve this prominence on the teacher end and could easily be a button on the Contact Card itself).

In search results, we can click Additional Information to make relationships visible, but this would also be visible on the Contact Card if that were available with a single click on the name. We can also click an Options drop-down to then choose between Add to Contacts and Contact Card. Add to Contacts (which I never use and don't understand) could just as easily be a button on the Contact Card page itself, and it would be the same number of clicks, while reducing the time and clicks needed to reach the Contact Card.

Long story short, it shouldn't be so circuitous to get to a student's profile, and a name-link would be the easiest and most intuitive way to expedite this. If that's not technically feasible, then at least replace the three-dots and Options buttons with a one-click Contact Card button that would serve all users more efficiently.

  • Chris Paolelli
  • Sep 19 2022
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