Expire Access to Assessment "View Results" Page at the end of an Academic Year

Many teachers use the same resources year to year. While some things inevitably change, it makes sense to use something that was effective the previous year. This is true for assessments in the LMS as well. The issue that we have found is that if you turn on the "View Results" option for assessment, those results are always available to students even in future years. This has regrettably led to former students sharing the answers of an assessment that was copied from a previous year with students who are currently taking the class.

We would like to be able to somehow limit student access to the "View Results" page without having to edit each assessment and turn off the results page at the end of each school year. This can either be accomplished by adding an expiration date field to the results page settings that the teacher can define, or a global setting that turns off students' access to see the results of an assessment once the academic year is over.

  • Rick Geyer
  • Oct 26 2022
  • Under consideration
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