Add Students to Athletics Roster as Team Managers

We have students who are not athletes but actually are actually Team Managers for our athletic events. They would like to be able to view the team schedule on their daily schedule, but this is impossible unless they are added as an Athlete (which they are not) in the Roster section. These students, then, show up on our team rosters as a player of that particular sport (which they are not). To complicate matters, we have to remember to Drop/Error them at the end of the season from the roster, or it will go on their record as having been an Athlete in that particular sport (which, again, they are not).

We would really like to have the option of being able to add students to the team page Roster as a Team Mananger instead of an Athlete. It would be a section Under Manage Rosters, like the Coaches or Athletes, but instead diffrientiate both on the team page and in transcript/records that they are a Team Manager and not an Athlete.

  • Grayson Miller
  • Feb 1 2023
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