Make the Assignment "Export list" usable!

Teachers have the option to "Export List" from their class assignment pages or assignment center. However, the export list has never been usable. There are 3 ways the "Export List" feature needs to be fixed.

  1. I've had a support ticket open since 2020 about this issue. I originally created the support ticket because the exported .csv included HTML tags (see screenshot). I went back and forth with support saying the issue had been resolved and me replying with screenshots of the issue NOT being resolved. I haven't seen any movement on the ticket since November 2021. The issue came up again today with a teacher so I decided to run the report again. It looks like Blackbaud has made progress on cleaning up the export but there are still issues (see 2nd screenshot).

  2. "Publish" Status needs to just have the status, not a number representing a status. Currently, the status column has 0,1, 2 and the teacher has to figure out what those mean. It should simple have the status as "No", "Now", "Assigned Date" as it's listed.

  3. The assignment Description needs to be included in the export. The Description is where teachers put the majority of the assignment instructions, links, etc. and that should all be included in the export.

  • Megan Day
  • Feb 15 2023