Comments for Discussions Visible to Students

Teachers at our school frequently assign Discussions to students to have them engage in an online discourse. Just like with Assignments, teachers have been leaving students feedback on their Discussions.

We recently learned that students cannot see their teacher's feedback on Discussions when they view that Discussion within the Assignment Center. The only way for students to see this feedback is to run a report (the instructions here, though incorrect, allow for them to run this report: Furthermore, when also considering the fact that students are given no notification that there has even been feedback left for them, it is highly unlikely that a student will think of checking this report.

While this was the case for the previous version of Assignments/Assignment Center where teachers could only provide text feedback, the lack of student visibility of Discussion feedback seems especially glaring with New Assignments. Since the advent of New Assignments, teachers have loved to attach feedback documents to the student work. However, student feedback via an attachment is neither viewable for students in the individual assignment nor via the report. It seems strange that the UI would allow teachers to submit feedback that seemingly can never make it to their students.

tl;dr graded Discussions, just like Assignments, should provide a way for students to easily see their feedback, whether text or an attached file

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  • Feb 28 2024
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