Make Group Finder that is in the Resource Boards the Same Group Finder That is on the Main Navigation

The group finder in the Resource Boards allows users to search for any group and is much more user friendly than the "find more" group finder that appears under "Groups" on the main navigation. That Podium system is really clunky and a pain to use. People should be able to easily search for any group that exists in the system.

  • Lily Thompson
  • Sep 9 2015
  • Planned
  • Oct 10, 2016

    Admin response

    Hi All,

    Just want to let you know we're currently working on prototype to both improve the onCampus Manager experience with Group Finder as well as take the Browse Groups page off of the bridge for the other school personas. 

    I'll update this issue once we're closer to having it release - but I'm pushing to have it go live before the end of the calendar year. 



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  • Oona McKnight commented
    7 Feb, 2020 06:34pm

    I would love to see "Recently Viewed" groups show in a list the same way you can see recently viewed students in the People Finder.

  • Lily Thompson commented
    4 Feb, 2016 12:30am

    YES! We totally agree with Topher's comment below.

  • Guest commented
    26 Jan, 2016 07:57pm

    Now that Group Finder has changed (both in onCampus and on the Resource Board) to only show groups that are currently in session, I'd suggest that the tool be switched back to allow searching for any group that's offered in a year. To the point of the original post, the group finder should be more user friendly than the Find More page under Groups. Changing the Group Finder recently was a step in the wrong direction.