View results from all attempts at an assessment

Our faculty are using the assessment feature. Currently teachers see the result from the last attempt a student made on the assessment. When they allow a student to take multiple attempts, they would like to see the results from all attempts.
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  • Oct 6 2015
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    Michael Morrissette commented
    10 Aug, 2022 08:43pm

    Hey Folks - We're currently investigating how we might surface this information in the UI. On the backend, we do house the multiple attempts. So, the information exists, it's just a matter of figuring out how to make it useful for teachers.

    I don't have a timeline to relay on this feature, it'll likely be implemented sometime after the new builder goes live for everyone.

    This is on our radar and it is something we want to implement at some point! If you'd like to discuss this, happy to set up a meeting, just email me at

  • Ed Hilliard commented
    13 Jan, 2021 05:18pm

    In addition to keeping all results of each attempt archived, please add options to the Allow Multiple Attempts section in the Edit Settings of an Assessment so that teachers can choose option A to keep the score of the last attempt taken or option B to keep the highest score out of all attempts taken. Thank you.

  • Sheldon Ormsby commented
    12 Oct, 2019 10:00pm

    I stopped using the assessment feature because of this issue. If it is ever resolved where we are able to see results from multiple attempts I would use it again.

  • Scott McLetchie commented
    11 Feb, 2019 06:39pm

    This would be EXTREMELY useful - the whole point of multiple attempts on an assessments is to gauge improvement. Without being able to see results separated by attempt, neither I nor my students can really use the information to see what they need to improve.