Bulletin boards should be able to show more than 3 news stories or 3 downloads

Similar to other options on the front end of the website, when you can select the number of events to show in a calendar, I would like to select the number of Downloads to show, or News stories to show. 

Presently this is hard coded to 3.

  • Julie Horvath
  • Mar 2 2016
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  • Cristina Conciatori commented
    31 Oct, 2019 06:59pm

    Yes, I can't believe that this was posted 4 years ago and no one has done something about it.  We should have the option to select how many we want viewed.  Many parents and students don't click see all. 

  • Geoffrey Goodfellow commented
    1 Sep, 2019 11:00pm

    The use case scenario for us is that for any one grade, we might have one teacher teaching social studies, another teaching music, another teaching English, etc.  However, each teacher is also a content manager of the homeroom page.  This allows each teacher to post news to the bulletin board of their own classes, but also post that same news post to the relevant homerooms.  For parents, this means that all the news posts for all classes at a particular grade level are conveniently in one place on the homeroom page, and for teachers, they only have to post once, and their information shows up in multiple places.  However, on the homeroom page, for any given week, only the first three class news items show.  The "Show More" button is indeed available, but we have many parents each week that seem to miss this button and not see all nine subjects of news on the homeroom page.  The teachers are also disappointed if their news item isn't one of the top three

  • Derek Parker commented
    2 Feb, 2017 08:49pm

    This has been a repeated request from my teachers.  Why 3?  Seems very arbitrary.  This seems like an easy fix since it already exists in onMessage content types.