Supporting the .MOV files

Since moving from Brightcove to Amazon for supporting videos, .mov is not one of the file types that's supported any longer. This is one of the most common video formats and we need to be able to have this format available to us.

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  • Aug 7 2017
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  • Zach Limoges commented
    12 Sep, 2023 02:43pm

    Is the .mov file type disabled again? Support just said it was, but sent one KB article saying it was supported, and one where it says it's not. Thank you!

  • Guest commented
    13 Oct, 2017 04:22pm

    Yay! Thank you, Janet!!
    Nice touch with “on” behind her!!
    Seeing the good,

  • Janet Wittenberg commented
    13 Oct, 2017 04:02pm

    Hi all, 
    Good news!

    We connected with the dev team on this issue and support for .MOV files is going to be added back with next Wednesday’s Hot Fix (10/18/17).
    There are some video formats (codecs) that are contained in an MOV file that may still be unsupported, but we expect standard iOS uploads will work as if they were renamed to MP4.

    We most definitely do not want to block your Teachers and other content contributors from having a straight forward way to post videos to their group pages. That’s like the opposite of encouraging adoption. In the EAP we reacted to some upload errors with MOV too strongly to block all files of this type.  Apologies for the disruption to that common workflow.

  • Guest commented
    9 Oct, 2017 06:06pm

    PLEASE fix this ASAP! I have a wonderful teacher who has used video in prior years but is now frustrated that she can't upload video that she takes with her iphone. She is running after preschool children all day and doesn't have time to start converting files. This is essential to support a communications platform designed to have teachers add their own video content. 

  • Brian Hoyt commented
    3 Oct, 2017 03:54pm

    In case anyone hasn't seen it this is supported list - Also I found a quick workaround for now. If you rename file from .MOV to .MP4 it uploads fine. All recent versions of IOS encode in H.264 which the uploader can handle just fine. It seems to simply be a file name check. Not sure why Amazon put this name check block in place?

  • Dana Gaetano commented
    2 Oct, 2017 02:07pm

    We used this EVERYDAY and it is critical to how the school day operates. This NEEDS to be available to us as we are an Apple and iPad school and the students are ALWAYS creating in this file type. UNACCEPTABLE move by blackbaud. Once again, I will say how UN-userfriendly this product is.

  • Jack Dearborn commented
    28 Sep, 2017 07:56pm

    We have iPads in our elementary school classrooms.  The teachers love taking video of student work and projects, but can't directly upload them to share with parents.  We are having to look at other services for sharing video with parents now.

  • Aron Back commented
    28 Sep, 2017 12:38pm

    I talked to Blackbaud yesterday about this issue and they did't seem to care that much about it.  Even our school reps hasn't got back to me about it at all.  I understand the move to Amazon cloud is a positive in the long run and you need to make the move to see what brakes. With that said, I do think we need to be honest about this issue, meaning that you can longer say that BB web services are mobile/tablet friendly anymore. I know this issue only has a small amounts of vote at this point, but we are only 20 days into the new school year. I hope that BB moves quickly on this issue, since we are back to the way the system worked 5 years ago.  Please fix, plus I am more than happy to be a tester school to make sure it works correctly.  Thank you.

  • Guest commented
    20 Sep, 2017 01:04am

    Yes! This came along just when we got our teachers comfortable with uploading content to their bulletin boards, and they don't have the time or wherewithal to send a video file to themselves and reformat it. This must be fixed ASAP. 

  • Aron Back commented
    18 Sep, 2017 04:19pm

    Please fixed ASAP, since so many schools are all Mac and teachers are using IOS devices.  It seems like a step backwards to not allow .mov files to be upload.  One of the main reason we use your product is because you are mobile friendly, not anymore. PLEASE ESCALATE...

  • Guest commented
    11 Sep, 2017 04:17pm

    This is vital. iOS devices shoot in .mov so teachers with iPads and iPhones cannot upload directly to the website.

  • Guest commented
    8 Sep, 2017 06:28pm

    This is so important!  Please escalate this!

  • Guest commented
    1 Sep, 2017 06:07pm

    This is critical.