Website Accessibility

We, and many other Independent schools, are working toward making our website accessible for all visitors. Through our research, we have uncovered many areas in which our site does not currently comply with WCAG 2.0 level AA website accessibility standards, and Blackbaud does not offer us a solution within onMessage to make the necessary changes to become compliant. Website accessibility is a serious issue that all schools are facing, whether they realize it or not, and we must all stress the importance of this to the Blackbaud developers. 

Below is a list of accessibility issues that are required to be addressed, but are not currently attainable through the onMessage CMS. 

  • Alt-text cannot be edited for buttons.
  • Custom form buttons and input values do not contain an editable descriptive values.
  • An audio description track for non-live videos cannot be added to, or uploaded with, videos. 
  • A mechanism for stopping, pausing, muting, or adjusting the volume of audio for videos that automatically play on a page for longer than three seconds.
  • A link is not provided for users to skip navigation and other page elements (ex. banner images) that are repeated across web pages.

There are numerous other areas where it is not clear if the onMessage system does not make it clear if the sites are adhering to the standards. We need Blackbaud to take accessibility seriously and offer schools a solution to the many outstanding problems that are impacting users of our websites. 

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  • Dec 20 2017
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  • Anthony Gallo commented
    18 Nov, 2019 09:10pm

    The July and August release contained all the missing functionality we identified that has prevented our sites from being fully WCAG 2.1 AA compliant.

  • Julie Horvath commented
    25 Jun, 2019 08:53pm

    Alt text cannot be added for a photo added to a link. Alt text cannot be added for the photo in an Affinity widget.