Add ability to Duplicate existing site for whole-site update development

We are getting ready to update our website.  This will mean not only new graphics - from our people - new fonts, etc., but likely significant reorganizing of the way sections of the site are laid out.  Can we have a process, like setting up a duplicate of the existing website, developing on the duplicate, and then disabling the original site and enabling the new one when it's ready?  I see nothing like this in place.

I created a second website and used the import tool, but it apparently only functions to import styles and master layouts - exactly what we're planning to change - and none of the content.  Our content will remain primarily unchanged, or somewhat updated.  It's the styles and graphics that need to be edited for a new site look.

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  • Apr 11 2019
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  • Mathieu Farrugia commented
    13 Mar 01:56am

    That would be an amazing feature. We use a secondary site for our Annual Gala and Auction and it would great to duplicate it each year so that we can keep a historical record of those mini sites.

  • Rynelle Chen commented
    12 Mar 10:03pm

    While the test site is good for testing, it resets every day, and for those of you who have complicated schedules, a daily refresh is not practical. Having a requested test site that lasts longer than a day or even a week is highly useful. Sometimes, we need to prototype things for a good three months.