Fixed Mobile Menus

I want a fixed mobile menu at the top of the page. I set a position fixed on the .visible-tablet and .visible-mobile classes which works, however shortly after doing this I realized you can't scroll down the mobile dropdown menu anymore because it's fixed to the top of the page so I had to remove my position: fixed; I attempted to experiment by setting a max-height and overflow auto on .mm-container which will cause a scroll to show up if the menu items go off the page. This works however it doesn't function good on small devices since there would be a double scroll bar. One for the menu and one for the page. Needless to say this isn't something clients want. There doesn't seem to be any other ways to do this with pure CSS. Not sure if there's anything javascript R&D can do to make it so the menu is fixed but the dropdowns all show.
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  • Aug 27 2015
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