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I would like to be able to add (ex:) an announcement, uncheck "Send Notification" button, enter a future publish date, and then save it. I would then like to be able to go back and edit the announcement to complete it and when I am done I want to be able to click "Send Notification". Currently after you save the announcement, the "Send Notification" option never appears again. It only appears when you first add the announcement.
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  • Sep 3 2015
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  • Julie Horvath commented
    13 Sep, 2021 10:53pm

    This is referencing an Announcement.

    Core > Content > Announcement

    Select a Category you have created and then Add a new Announcement.

    The Send Notification is checked by Default.

  • Angela Addison commented
    12 Sep, 2021 02:26pm

    Hi folks, 'which' notification is being referenced here? Thanks

  • Julie Horvath commented
    28 Sep, 2017 07:43pm

    The Send Notification Button should show until you have sent the notification. Once you do send the notification, that is when the button should go away.

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