Allow for Custom Distribution Lists

Make it possible to send a pushpage to a specific group of people - event registrants, etc. Right now the only way to create a list is by using constituent data (class year, roles, etc.) - or to add static users. There has to be a better way to reach people.

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  • Jan 19 2016
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  • Chrystalle Kiefer commented
    28 Sep 05:13pm

    We need to be able to send our pushpage issues to people that are not in our system! As of right now this has to happen outside of they system because we cannot just send to a list of people that don't have an account.

  • Guest commented
    26 Sep 02:15pm

    Instead of a pushpage, have a general EMAIL button. Make it easier for us to email parents. FACTS had a great way to email our students and families.

  • Rosemary Davis commented
    24 Jan 04:25pm

    Yes, yes, to all of this—I also echo the comment that this needs to be cross-functional with Raiser's Edge. This is where I really hit a roadblock with the lack of integration and communication between different parts of the software.

    It is astounding to me that while the new Event Management system is definitely an upgrade to what I was working with before (I am not exaggerating when I say that I have been manually pulling each and every parent-of-registrant into Pushpage distribution groups!). But I find it really surprising that in spite of the EMS system having multiple ways of contacting users (Pushpages, Notifications, Messages, Official Notes, etc.), the best way to pull a list of registrants for emailing is to copy and paste their email addresses into a third party system. I can’t paste those email addresses into a Pushpage, and at least until recently, the capability to send a branded email via Notifications has been minimal at best.

  • Guest commented
    1 Apr, 2022 04:21pm

    We want to establish a "friends" of our school list. They just want to stay up to date and it would be nice to just have a manual input for pushpages that did not need to asspciate with an exstablished account.

  • David Schell commented
    8 Jul, 2020 12:49pm

    When we are sending out a pushpage we want to also send it to a few email addresses that are not users in core - a college admissions officer, a potential donor, an alumni from before 1999 that isn't in core yet. We have a few email addresses we want to add just for this one pushpage. What would be nice is if we could just add an email address as a static user -- much like how enotify works in other systems like FinalSite.

  • Jessica Levin commented
    2 Oct, 2019 10:06pm

    This is one of the major drawbacks of the Blackbaud communication system. Anytime we need to email a specific group or a list of people outside of our constituent list, we use MailChimp... frustrating and limits our reporting ability across these tools.

  • Guest commented
    27 Jul, 2018 07:11pm

    Bless you for posting this! This is a very limiting "feature" to not be able to quickly email to a specific list of people by uploading an excel doc. It is going to force us to use a secondary system like mailchimp etc.

  • Guest commented
    4 Jun, 2018 12:31am

    We have many situations where we need to send a one time bulk e-mail to a list of parents.  Are old system allow you to use a tool like a student list, but then select by clicking a number of individuals in the list, and then send a bulk e-mail.

    This idea would be one way to solve it, although the idea of having the option to send a Pushpage or Send Communications would be nice.

  • Alexander Taft commented
    1 Mar, 2018 05:14pm

    Ultimately, we will need to also bridge distribution lists across into Raisers Edge data, or build out Pushpage to act more like Mailchimp, where we can upload distribution lists more easily.

  • Angela Mills commented
    13 Mar, 2017 03:01pm

    The inability to send pushpages to specific groups has been an ongoing frustration for us. Need this enhancement ASAP!

  • Juan Ramirez commented
    27 Oct, 2016 03:35pm

    The system should be able to create distribution groups based on user role, school division, grade, teachers of student, all parents of grade level, graduation year, etc. The distribution lists should be accessible to faculty and staff according to their roles. The distribution lists should be available for users in a central location so they can be found easily by staff. The distribution lists should be links that open your default email client (Outlook for example) and populate the emails in the BCC box. Other SIS have distribution lists similar to what I just described.

  • Tenley Peterson commented
    7 Sep, 2016 01:02pm

    We found a work around... We get the user IDs of everyone we want to email and then do a "Distribution Group - Static Users" import in Core: Settings > Data. If we only have their email addresses (e.g., from event registration) then we download everyone in the database's user IDs and email addresses and then do a VLoopUp in Excel. It takes about 15 minutes.


    It would be better if this was easier and faster.

  • Guest commented
    19 Jan, 2016 09:32pm

     Definitely needed!

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