Ability to Stack New Photos on Top of Existing Photos in Galleries

We'd like to have the ability to designate if we want upload photos to an existing gallery to either be added AFTER existing photos or stacked BEFORE existing photos. 

We share photos of outdoor education and field trips with parents as the experiences are happening. We would like the newest photos to appear FIRST so that parents don't have to scroll through tons of photos they've already seen. And we're talking 100s of photos; I don't want to have to manually move each and every photo. Simply allowing me to select Add photos BEFORE existing photos in order or After would be best. Alternatively, if there were an option next to the name of the photo to allocate a # in order I'd like that photo to appear and then the photo would automatically move into that order, that works too. 

  • Rachel Freeman
  • May 10 2016
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