Expired Items In Downloads When Organizing

I would like the ability to exclude "expired" downloads when organizing. I am aware of how to delete and expire downloads. I do not want to delete these permanently because I might like to reuse them someday, or have a record of them.
  • Sarah Lazar
  • Aug 25 2015
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  • Alex Orlebeke commented
    19 Apr, 2018 06:10pm

    Along these same lines, if you mark an item as expired in Downloads for the current day, while the item is immediately moved such that it is only visible when you select the "Expired" checkbox, it is actually still visible on the Resource Board.  This shouldn't be.

    Per this support article items remain published till 11:59pm on the date it is set to expire, so the visual of the item no longer showing up under "Active" is confusing.

    Just make it so that a still active item does not get organized under "Expired" until it actually expires.

  • Guest commented
    29 Aug, 2016 03:36pm

    My vote is specific to the subcategories of expired downloads. As in Alexander's screenshot, I want to be able to keep expired downloads without deleting, but if a subcategory becomes empty because its contents are all expired, the subcategory should not show. This seems to work well in onCampus an Core, but not for onMessage.


    In my attached file, the window on the left is onMessage. The same Downloads content on the right is in a Resource Board post in Core.

  • Alexander Taft commented
    19 Apr, 2016 03:07pm


    The screenshot above is a great example of the confusion this causes. The organize function really should only apply to active items, or, as described above, be filterable and defaulted to published items.

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