Add ability to set levels for Consequences for Absences attendance rules

Translating Tardies lets you set levels for specific consequences, so the first level is met once, then the next occurrence triggers the next level and so on.

Currently, the rules set up under Consequences for Absences all apply for every subsequent occurrence. For example, setup includes:

1 Absent Unexcused = consequence of 5 points

2 Absent Unexcused = consequence of phone call to parent

3 Absent Unexcused = consequence of detention

The way it is coded, a student who receives their 3rd absent unexcused, will receive 5 points PLUS phone call to parent PLUS detention all for the same occurrence.

Implementing levels in this area would assign just the 3rd consequence for the 3rd absence unexcused.

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  • Mar 20 2017
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    4 Dec, 2017 08:30pm

    We take attendance by class period and only certain types of attendance are considered unexcused. It would be great to trigger consequences by number of unexcused absences (we choose which absence types are included) and these need to trigger BY COURSE. A student can have 1 absence in 1 course, and 10 in another so we would need this functionality at the course level. Right now, we simply have to enter manual infractions so that they are visible in the system, but this means our staff is running a DAILY attendance reports to see if any student in any grade has reached the thresholds. The new attendance reports that count by class are VERY helpful, but if they could be tied to a consequence, that would remove hours of manual work we are doing right now. Thanks!